78% users want to leave social
networking sites — research

December 6 2016 1:48 PM

Majority of the people wanted to take down their social networking accounts but digital memories and contacts kept them from doing it, a research by a cyber security firm revealed.

Nearly 78 percent of people wanted to leave social networks because they feel like staying was a “waste of time,” according to the survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab among 4,831 online users.

At least 39 percent of respondents said they believe they are wasting time on social networks.

The research said that people only stay on social media such as Facebook, Instagram because they fear losing digital memories and contact with their friends.

Sixty two percent believed they would lose contact with their friends if they left social networks while 21 percent of respondents were less worried about their friends, but were afraid they would not be able to recover their digital memories such as photos once they had left a social network.

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