All set for Geisler-Matos
mixed martial arts bout

June 25 2016 3:10 PM

Alvin Aguilar dubbed “Father of Philippine Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)” has clarified that it was not urine but beer which actor Kiko Matos sprayed on Baron Geisler during their weigh-in on for their the much-awaited MMA exhibition fight on June 25.

“After news broke out that Kiko sprayed Geisler with urine I knew it was a sick joke. I later confirmed that inside Kiko’s bottle was BEER!!!! It was made clear to all reporters present prior to the spraying, that inside the bottle was BEER NOT URINE. Kiko has explained that it was a stint he planned to get under Geisler’s skin,” said Aguilar in an official statement released on urcmma.comon June 24.

Matos was said to have sprayed urine on Geisler one day before their scheduled match. The video posted on You Tube became viral.

Aguilar added that some people have “taken it too far” and reported that it was actual urine.

“Trust me if it was, Kiko would definitely be hearing from all of us. I would never allow a sick display like that from any of our fighters even if they were just in an exhibition bout. If that was really urine that would be unacceptable and I would pull Kiko out,” he said.

Weeks leading to the fight between the two actors who had an altercation in a bar in Quezon City have been controversial.

Aguilar who is mounting the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC)-MMA bout at the Valkyrie Club in Taguig City from which the Matos-Geisler fight will be featured, earlier imposed for the two actors to make peace before they settle their difference inside the MMA ring.

During the contract signing, their first meet up after the incident, Matos allegedly kicked Geisler.

On June 13, news broke out that Geisler supposedly threw a fit outside a bar in Quezon City after an unidentified attacker hit him.

Meantime, Aguilar expressed gratitude to supporters of the MMA bout between the two actors, which will benefit charity.

“They are both literally getting their assess kicked in sparring and training. The URCC always gives the best and most exciting matches people want to see and we NEVER sell fights, we NEVER have any company champions and we also NEVER fix fights,” said Aguilar.

In a parting shot, he said, “May the best man win.”

Thumbnail  image from Baron Geisler’s Facebook account

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