Android N could make its way to PCs
with freeform window, says tech site

April 3 2016 2:35 PM

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With a freeform window among its features, the next version of Android – Google’s mobile operating system – could make the jump from mobile phones to full-fledged desktop computers, a tech site reported.

Developers testing the preview versions of Android N can access the feature that has apps floating inside windows, Ars Technica said.

“It works on Android N phones and tablets, and once the mode is enabled, you’ll see an extra button on thumbnails in the Recent Apps screen. To the left of the “X” button that pops up after a second or two, there will be a square shape—the same ugly placeholder art Google used for the split screen mode in the Android M Developer Preview,” it said.

The floating apps have title bars like in Recent Apps, and can be resized and dragged around. They also have buttons to close or maximize the window.

While tapping on the home or recent buttons will leave this environment, the windowed apps can be saved to a special, single windowed app environment.

Ars Technica also said the mode has mouse support, but there may still be much work to do as the mouse cursor does not change for hyperlinks.

Such a feature suggests Android could be making “a move toward a mouse-and-keyboard-powered desktop OS,” it said.

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