Bethlehem souvenir shop
honors PH travel agents

February 25 2017 9:35 AM


The Three Arches 2 Co. Ltd. thanked its partner travel agents in the Philippines for their continued patronage and support of their popular souvenir and craft store in Bethlehem, Palestine during a dinner held at the Boracay Ballroom of Sofitel Manila Hotel last February 9.

Three Arches 2 owner Maikel N. Canawati quoted his father Nicola Canawati on how the company was established in January 1975.

“The name of this company was chosen by my his mother. They came to live in the City of Bethlehem at the beginning of the 17th century. They originally lived in the Green Valley by the name of Antar Valley which is located between Takowa and the Dead Sea;

“Pilgrims started to come to visit the Holy Land in the early centuries using camels, donkeys and horses. As it was desired by the pilgrims to bring back home a gift to members of their family and friends from this Holy place, the people of Bethlehem started to produce all sort of souvenirs;”

“My family started the art and souvenir business in the year 1853. In the early thirties, my father started to import the Mother of Pearl Shells from the Gulf area. The people of Bethlehem used the Mother of pearl shells to make all types of crosses and small gifts for the pilgrims;”

“In 1978 and for the five consecutive years, my company received a Prize Certificate as number one business by the Ministry of Tourism and became to be known as the most reputable and the leading business in the City of Bethlehem. This success was due to the hard work and the fine services extended to our clients;”

“Being the president of the Three Arches and the head of my family, I started traveling around the world to promote the product of art and crafts that the people of Bethlehem are producing;

“During my travel, I decided to go in the footstep of my father and started to import all kinds of merchandise from various countries in the world;”

“My aim was to increase the variety of merchandise in our business which will increase our sales and profits. Today, our showroom obtains the widest collection of different items and this additional assortment of merchandise is only found in the showroom of The Three Arches;”

“In the year 1998, we formed a new company by the name of the Bethlehem logo that produced all the commemorative gifts of the Millennium Bethlehem 2000;”

“I am quite confident that you would be a partner and a client of our company after your first correspondence. I thank you in advance for your future consideration, and remain. We deal in export, import, wholesale and retail. We specialize in creating items for fundraising purposes.”