What this British comedian
thinks about Rodrigo Duterte

May 9 2016 11:32 PM

On the day that the Filipinos were to vote for a new president,a British comedian took a last-minute dig at presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte whom he described as a “colourful character to say the least”.

John Oliver, host of “Last Week Tonight”, showed clips of some of Duterte’s controversial statements while providing caustic comments on the side in a video of this episode that was posted on YouTube on Sunday, May 8.

One of the clips showed Duterte in a mass wedding offering himself as a gift to the young brides, saying: “I don’t have money to give, but I could give your wives something else. And this is for the wives only. Men, I’m sorry, but you don’t get anything, because I’m not a queer.”

Oliver described the remark as “homophobic”.

“That kind of homophobia during a wedding usually only happens when the father of the bride has six whiskey sours and decides to tell everyone what he really thinks about Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family. Not a fan. Not a fan,” said Oliver.

Video Source: VIRAL VIDEO Youtube channel

The comedian also took pot shots at Duterte for kissing his female supporters and cursing Pope Francis over the traffic he allegedly caused when he came to the Philippines which, he said, has earned the former Davao City mayor the reputation of the “Trump of the East”, referring to Donald Trump, the equally controversial presumptive Republican nominee in the US presidential elections.

Oliver also criticized Duterte for “not knowing how many people you killed” when in response to a query about it, Duterte said, “About three people over the last three months”.

“That’s not good. Not knowing how many people you killed is like not knowing how many vicodin you took.” Vicodin is an analgesic or pain reliever, according to research.

Summing up his opinion of Duterte, Oliver said: “When we say ‘I just want a politician who tells me what he really thinks’, we should specify that that politician should not be a total f—– monster,” Oliver said.

“Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver is an HBO television production that tackles topics over the past seven days and presents them in a satirical format.

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