Celebrating all forms of success

March 22 2017 10:54 AM

Foodpanda PH teams up with some of the country’s top billed online influencers from different categories to talk about what success means to them, the pains and joys of blogging, and their current goals and motivation, digging deeper into the business of inspiring other people and reaching out to them.

The sweetness of success is palpable everywhere during these times and, no, it does not spare foodpanda’s head office. We then asked some of our blogger friends from different backgrounds a question that none of us would dare or even bother to discuss on any given day, what does success means to you?

“This March, in addition to filling tummies with delicious food, we, in foodpanda, also want our customers and network of foodie influencers to celebrate their every little success with us. We understand that the definition of success may vary from one person to another and can be contextualized in many ways. But, may they big or small, all forms of success are definitely worthy of a celebration,” said Iacopo Rovere, Chief Executive Officer, foodpanda Philippines.

For students like Deegee, Kerwin, and Jp, success means working incredibly hard for your goal and never stopping until you achieve it.

The three young lifestyle and fashion trendsetters all agreed that hard work is an inimitable part of the equation and added that success would feel empty if attained easily.

“I’m so excited to be graduating this year! It’s a dream come true for me and I’ll forever cherish all the lessons I learned from both inside and outside of the classroom,” said Deegee Razon, 20

When asked about his most recent success, Kerwin Tongol said that his endorsement project from a camera brand makes him so proud as an influencer. “I have also attended a VTR for an acting workshop in Star Magic last week and I’m now waiting for the results.”

JP de Leon, on the other hand, believes that his success means being able to meet and mingle with the celebrities that he looks up to.

“I was just an avid fan of all the fashion icons that we have today and I never imagined that I could be somewhat close to their level now,” said JP.

Indeed, there are no known shortcuts on the road to success and that one must go through a lot of failures before achieving greatness.

Almira Teng used to be under the shadows of her two basketball superstar brothers, Jeron and Jeric, but she knew she had to make a name for herself.

“I wanted to be a model then an influencer so I started going to auditions and go-sees. It was not always a yes but I strived harder each time until I become who I am now,” she said.

Almira believes that there must be fulfillment in every success and that success comes from experience and with experience, there’s hardship. Adding up to our empowered women line up is Nina Nuguid, a 23-year-old stunner who works for an international non-government organization.

“Success, for me, is when you’re finally doing what you love to do. After graduation, I worked as an Executive Assistant where I did a lot of administrative functions but I wasn’t happy and I knew that that was not what I want to do so I ventured into blogging to continue my passion for writing.”

It is through their blogs and online pages that girls like Nina reach out to their followers and interact with them. Same thing with Chi-chi Tullao who believes that success is not a checklist. It should be about being able to inspire and help others to also help yourself stay grounded.

Chi-chi recently went to New York to attend a food styling workshop and she plans to share the knowledge that she gained there via a series of workshops that she will conduct herself.