De Lima wants revenge vs ‘tormentors’

July 1 2017 5:20 PM


Sen. Leila de Lima at the PNP-CIDG on Friday February 24. Photo from JM Saranza
Sen. Leila de Lima at the PNP-CIDG on Friday February 24. Photo from JM Saranza

Detained Senator Leila de Lima has admitted longing to see her “tormentors tremble out of shame and guilt.”

This as she lamented the “intense cruelty” that she said she continued to suffer from her persecutors.

“With my continued detention based on orchestrated lies, I have suffered and continue to suffer an intense cruelty by my persecutors,” she said in a statement dated June 30 but was only released to the media on Saturday, July 1.

The senator has been detained at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center in Quezon City over her alleged involvement on illegal drugs.

“I’m not, of course, talking about physical cruelty, but the kind that pierces through the very essence of your being, your very humanity: the curtailment of the basic freedoms of movement and to happiness, the deprivation of simple pleasures in life (movies, music, shopping, etc.) and normal human contact, and worse, the profound agony brought upon my family and loved ones,” she said.

While she said she was tough enough to withstand and survive through all the challenges, De Lima said she longed for the day “to see my tormentors tremble out of shame and guilty.”

“Yes, I desire for vengeance but I am unwilling to execute it myself. Instead, I ask God, who is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful to intervene. He knows best and He knows when,” she said.

“Pinapasa Dios ko na lang po silang lahat…” the senator added.

On Friday, De Lima’s custodians brought her to a court in Muntinlupa to attend in one of the drug charges filed against her.

And she passed by the service road going to the subdivision where she lives, the senator said she ralized how much she missed her own home, its comforts and tranquility.

“It dawned on me how much I miss my life, my normal life as a free creature,” she said.

De Lima, a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, was arrested and detained last February