Duterte: Robredo is my only legitimate successor

June 28 2017 8:25 PM

In case something happens to him, President Rodrigo Duterte said Vice President Leni Robredo would be his only successor.

Duterte made the remark on Wednesday, June 28, amid continued speculations about his health.

“Kaya sasabihin ko sa inyo na may problema rin tayong isa because there is a pretender to the throne, assuming that I die within maybe tomorrow, next year, or next month,” the President said during the 120th founding anniversary of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) in Malacañang.

“There are two claimants to the presidency. Ang isa, nag-organize na at he has claimed that he has deposed me, presidential candidate Amato — si Pamatong,” he added, referring to lawyer Ely Pamatong, who had been declared as nuisance candidate in previous elections.

In a video released on Facebook, Pamatong claimed that he is now the legitimate President of the Philippines after Duterte’s absence from the public’s eye for days.

“Sabi niya (Pamatong), nag-takeover na siya. Eh ngayon, nandiyan si Leni. Baka magkamali kayo ng kampo ha. Dito tayo sa Constitution. There is a successor there,” Duterte said.

The President said the public should not believe rumors that he was on comatose during his absence.

“They worried about my life. A few days ago, they said I was comatose. The media spelled it wrong. It’s really kama. If I am not around and you do not see me, it’s certain that I’m staying in bed. Whatever I’m doing, that’s out of your business,” he said.

“Do not believe that I was comatose,” Duterte said.