Duterte’s ‘brash rhetoric’ mellows down, says senator

June 27 2017 4:52 PM

Senator Francis “Chiz” Eacusero believes that President Duterte’s “brash rhetoric” has mellowed down in just one year in office.

“We have to get used to his brash rhetoric. But for the past few months, he does mellow down a little bit. So I think, as we get used to him, he’s getting used to it as well,” Escudero said in a television interview on Tuesday, June 27.

The senator pointed out that Duterte needed time to adjust because when he was still the Davao mayor, his behavior and foul-mouth did not get much attention.

“Now, anything that flows from his mouth is actually not only national but international news as well,” he said.

Escudero said it helped that United States President Donald Trump, who is equally brash as Duterte, came into the picture.

“Buti na nga lang at may Trump na dumating,” he said in jest.

Asked to rate the President’s performance, the senator declined because he said he has yet to see all the data from all sectors of the society before grading him.
“I have to see all the data first with respect to what has happened to the economy and all sectors of the society before being able to come up with a definite grade. But definitely it is passing and not failing,” he said.