Even after ‘signing off’, Kris Aquino
continues to be hot topic for netizens

May 12 2016 2:01 PM

Image from Official Instagram Account- Kris Aquino
Image from Official Instagram Account- Kris Aquino

Followers and bashers of TV host-actress Kris Aquino are engaged in an online squabble days after she posted a series of photos showing the construction of her dream home on her Instagram account after voting in the national elections on May 9.

“I promised my Kris Tv viewers I’d share w/ you our new home — no more show but I’m keeping the promise, medyo matagal pa… I’ve always said, my sons & I wouldn’t have what we have now had it not been for the 20 years you allowed me to be part of your daily viewing. I thank my home network ABS CBN, and all our past & current endorsements for the trust & the opportunities to be a part of your lives. Maraming Salamat. Much love & gratitude to all of you. Kris Aquino, signing off…,” said Kris on IG.

The post which has been liked more than 13,000 times has also generated more than 1,000 mixed reactions.

Many followers said they would miss the presidential sister who has not renewed her contract with ABS-CBN network after announcing that she was going to take an indefinite break last March.

They also thanked her brother President Benigno Aquino III who is set to step down from office who will be succeeded by presumptive winner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Here were some of the comments newscentral.ph gathered from Kris’ IG account:

Sad that you stop the show, Kris Tv is very educational, learned so many things from it, thanks Kris, for all the knowledge and daily life education that you share, it helps people improve lives and inspiration especially to me. Waiting for your show to comeback

Salamat Pnoy sa dedikasyon mong magsilbi sa bayan. Mabuhay ka. Sana makahanap ka ng iyong may bahay.

Be at peace and enjoy life @kriscaquino I dont think the pilipino poeple deserves your family now. I feel your sincerity from your parents to your brother you are not perfect but you all have good heart President aquino achieved the best in the admin. Its not perfect but at least He did His best I remember the first month that we have the gathering in picc just to pray for the president your borther told us to please continue pray for him becoz He did not expect but God call him to be the president of the philippines.

While many of Kris’ followers expressed support and wished the President well, some netizens took the opportunity to bash their family:

grabe, corrupt din pala ang clan ng Aquino at Cojuangco. All this time napaniwala nila ang taong bayan na makadiyos at di gagawa ng pagnanakaw ang pamilya nila. Wala talagang lihim na hindi nabubunyag. Wag na natin masyado payamanin si Kris sa pag support sa mga project niya. I once was a fan. Wag nalang kayo bumalik ng pinas.

Now we know the truth about Marcos and your dad. all my life, sa history class ko laging evil ang Marcos… at least after 21 years its clear, clearer than oceans na po yung totoo.

“How can Aquino keep wearing that yellow ribbon on his chest, when he has done nothing to solve the crime it signifies?” “How can we be proud of a nation whose two presidents, one the widow and the other the son, had not bothered to bring justice to a hero who had declared that the Filipino is worth dying for?” “Or maybe it would be more realistic to hope that Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. — who aspires to lead this nation — would provide evidence to prove that it wasn’t his father who ordered Aquino’s murder, as most Filipinos believe the Senior did.”

The comments did not stand well with Kris’ follower @carmitabanera who defended the Aquinos in a series of tweets and challenged some bashers to show themselves online:

Dear BASHERS/HATERS OF @kriscaquino– DONT BE A COWARD, show yourself . Naka public ang bina BASH NYO, ang kakapal ng MUKHA NYO MAG COMMENT DITO PERO PURO PRIVATE AT PSEDO NAMES LANG KAU!!! Show yourself, napakadali lang manira, magsalita ng masakit, cgurado nakangisi kapa feeling mo naka isa ka, TANDAAN NIYO, digital na ang LAHAT – pati KARMA!!

@happyselfshine AGAIN- let me quote you – YOU CLAIMED MANDARAYA ANG ADMINISTRATION NGAYON( Pnoy) . Please prepare your PROOF!!!DOCUMENTED ANG IG POST MO, i will request@kriscaquino to include you sa e demanda !! Tama diba?? Mandaraya pala c PNOY?? See u in court, BRING YOUR PROOF

Ig FRIENDS of @kriscaquino .. I am SORRY .. Nagalit na naman ako dito sa IG.. I cant Help it.. May mga COMMENTS kasi na sagad sa buto, below the belt.. Yeah, I KNOW RIGHT.. Bakit patulan.. Eh ganun talaga… Dapat pinapatulan mga taong taong walang puso at makasarili.. Nangdadamay pa… Feeling nila , habang binabash nila c kris using President elect Duterte as the reason akala nila TAMA CLA!!!NO NO NO NO!!!!’

BAKIT malakas Loob ko?? Mag ka FB friend kmi ni DIGONG, BUT i didnt VOTE FOR HIM.. IG acct of@kriscaquino – friends of President elect Duterte can read all posts here!’!!knowing the character of DIGONG – magagalit cya for sure sa mga walang saysay na gslit at panunuya. Get Your FACTS STRAIGHT-

Image from Kris Aquino’s Instagram Account.

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