Filipinos becoming upset
in social media —- study

January 7 2017 4:01 PM

Filipinos are becoming upset in using social media, a study released by Kaspersky Lab on Friday, January 6.

There were 16,750 respondents in the survey around the world, with 1,000 of them Filipinos. At least 29 percent of the Filipinos surveyed said they felt very low when someone else controlled their profiles.

“In terms of how social media affects their mood, the survey showed 29 percent of the Filipino respondents felt very low when someone else got control of their profiles, when someone seems to have a better life than them (27.7 percent) and when a friend’s photo or status update received more likes than their own (25.8 percent),” the statement read.

The survey was conducted from 18 countries with men and women as respondents, aged over 16 years old. There were 16,750 respondents.

The study indicated that “social media now leaves many people feeling negative” once they don’t get as many likes as they expected; 42 percent said they were jealous when their friends got more likes than them.

It added people often experience negative emotions, when they feel envious when “they see the seemingly happier lives of their friends on social media,” which is one of the factors that “overpower the positive effect” of social media.

The survey showed, 59 percent felt unhappy when they view friends’ posts from a party they were not invited to; 45 percent revealed that their friends’ happy holiday pictures had a negative impact to them, and 37 percent admitted that looking at past own happy posts made them feel their past life was better than their present.

Meanwhile, 72 percent of people were annoyed by advertising that disturbed their online communications.

Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997. The survey was conducted last October-November 2016.

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