Iza Calzado’s ‘Imeldific’ look
brings out best, worst in netizens

January 23 2017 6:42 PM

Actress Iza Calzado “channeled” the inner Imelda Marcos in her, which drew mixed reactions from netizens.

Calzado posted photos of herself on her Instagram account on Sunday, January 22, that showed her wearing a blue Filipiniana dress like the former first lady.

Calzado said that she decided to channel the inner Marcos in her since they both shared the love for shoes and ternos.

On another Instagram post, Calzado said that she hoped to play Marcos in film.

“What an interesting character study she would be!”

Some of the netizens appreciated Calzado’s look. Here are some of the comments:

You should play Imelda in a film!!! 😍 -@pamquinones

Ms. yza for me u are the most beautiful Filipina Description: 😊 inside and out ur a perfect fit  👍🏼ur elegance and ur character is something to look up to 😍 keep it up ☝🏼️God bless you! -@mj_con

Classy, Ethereal and Very much Filipina!! Sobrang ganda mo lang talaga @missizacalzado!!!  😍😍😍 -@umhanrivera

damit lang tinutikoy at may mga malisyosong comment na naman.. -@ababakithindi

There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing Ms.Izza, you’re a classy,smart and nice person , don’t listen to negativity, these negative people are just basing their remarks from hearsays, why can’t they open their hearts and mind????? Btw, you’re so beautiful! 👗 💄👠👍 -@bngpablo

#SteelButterfly should all women be like. Classy and elegance plus the love  ❤️ for locals. Truly Imeldific. -@ljumaran25

Others disagreed with Calzado:

I highly doubt Imelda Marcos should be someone you should channel. -@kikayrunner

You left out the part about her being the wife and accomplice to a dictator and plunderer, as well as a hated figure in her own province. -@richtuasonphotography

@missizacalzado i like you. You are a smart independent woman. But please dont normalize the marcoses. There is nothing worth emulating in a dictators wife. -@rayamaya12345

You seem to be kind but this sends a wrong message to your followers. -@miabols

nakakahiya ka for emulating one of the most corrupt Filipino who ever walked this world! SHAME ON YOU – @escarhotiskuhol

would have been really great for halloween! but the way you wear her is as if its okay to emulate someone who stole from the country just to feed her materialistic desires.  😔👎🏿 -@cristage

yuck. -@mistermathside

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