Pacquiao among ESPN’s 100
most famous athletes worldwide

June 2 2016 5:11 PM

Filipino boxing legend and now Senator-elect Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao is among the 100 most famous athletes in the world, according to sports website, ESPN.

Pacquiao ranks No. 35 on the list which, ESPN said its director of sports analytics, Ben Alamar, devised based on the “combined salary and endorsements with social media following and Google search popularity to create the ESPN World Fame 100 rankings”.

On top is football star Cristiano Ronaldo; Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, No. 2; football heroes, Lionel Messi and Neymar, at No. 3 and 4 respectively; and tennis’ living legend, Swiss Roger Federer at No. 5.

ESPN said the list started off with a simple question: Who’s the most famous athlete in the world?

Below are the Top 50. Click here for the Top 100.

01 Cristiano Ronaldo1. Cristiano Ronaldo

02 LeBron James

2. LeBron James

03 Lionel Messi3. Lionel Messi

04 Neymar4. Neymar

05 Roger Federer5. Roger Federer

06 Kevin Durant6. Kevin Durant

07 Tiger Woods7. Tiger Woods

08 Virat Kohli8. Virat Kohli

09 James Rodriguez9. James Rodriguez

10 Rafael Nadal10. Rafael Nadal

11 Kobe Bryant11. Kobe Bryant

12 Gareth Bale12. Gareth Bale

13 Phil Mickelson13. Phil Mickelson

14 Mahendra Singh Dhoni14. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

15 Usain Bolt15. Usain Bolt

16 Novak Djokovic16. Novak Djokovic

17 Wayne Rooney17. Wayne Rooney

18 Maria Sharapova18. Maria Sharapova

19 Mesut Ozil19. Mesut Ozil

20 Rory McIlroy20. Rory McIlroy

21 Zlatan Ibrahimovic21. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

22 Luis Suarez22. Luis Suarez

23 Ronda Rousey23. Ronda Rousey

24 Sergio Aguero24. Sergio Aguero

25 Serena Williams25. Serena Williams

26 Floyd Mayweather Jr.26. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

27 Radamel Falcao27. Radamel Falcao

28 Cesc Fabregas28. Cesc Fabregas

29 Carmelo Anthony29. Carmelo Anthony

30 Derrick Rose30 Derrick Rose

31 Andy Murray31. Andy Murray

32 Cam Newton32. Cam Newton

33 Dwyane Wade33. Dwyane Wade

34 Stephen Curry34. Stephen Curry

35 Manny Pacquiao35. Manny Pacquiao

36 Dwight Howard36. Dwight Howard

37 Conor McGregor37. Conor McGregor

38 Peyton Manning38. Peyton Manning

39 Chris Paul39. Chris Paul

40 Odell Beckham Jr.40. Odell Beckham Jr.



43 Blake Griffin43. Blake Griffin

44 Drew Brees44. Drew Brees

45 Damian Lillard45. Damian Lillard

46 Michael Phelps46. Michael Phelps

47 Kei Nishikori47. Kei Nishikori

48 Russell Westbrook48. Russell Westbrook

49 Russell Wilson49. Russell Wilson

50 Jordan Spieth50. Jordan Spieth

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