Gov’t ‘not sitting down’ on alleged rights violations in PH —Palace

June 29 2017 3:20 PM

File image from Human Rights Watch website
File image from Human Rights Watch website

Malacañang slammed on Tuesday, June 29, an international human rights group, which  alleged that respect for human rights has declined under the Duterte administration.

Communications Assistant Secretary Ana Marie Banaag lamented that the Human Rights Watch (HRW) disregarded the reforms the current administration have instituted.

“We don’t feel good about the comments of the Human Rights Watch report but we have also have to be firm that and we have to realize that the President stood and won on a platform of genuine change,”  Banaag said  in a Palace briefing.

The HRW, in a report released on June 28, criticized the rise of “human rights calamity” under the Duterte administration.

“President Duterte took office promising to protect human rights, but has instead spent his first year in office as a boisterous instigator for an unlawful killing campaign,” Phelim Kine, deputy Asia director of HRW, said in a statement.

But Banaag said the HRW should not “brush aside” the programs of the administration.

“He wanted a better life for the Filipino people and of course, we should not also, well, Human Rights Watch should not brush aside all the programs especially the enforcement side,” she said.

As of June 6, the government said, around 1.3 million drug addicts have surrendered to authorities.

“It is not a joke to enforce 62,000 anti-drug operations in here. That’s so much sacrifice and of course also we have around 1.3 million drug surrenderers. These things, the government is doing something about this through the inter-agency commiittee on anti-illegal drugs,” she said.

“So the government is not sitting down, watching lives being wasted just this way. So with this one of course we say that the President had only wanted so much for his countrymen,” she added