#PrayForOrlando trends as 50
killed in Florida gay nightclub

June 13 2016 3:31 PM

Image from Orlando Polices Twitter account
Image from Orlando Police’s Twitter account

Netizens took to Twitter on Monday, June 13, to express their shock and grief over the shooting of 50 people inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, June 13 (US time) by a man whom reports claimed to have pledged allegiance to the terror group, ISIS.

READ: ISIS follower shoots down 50 in Orlando gay bar in ‘worst terror attack since 9/11’–report

#PrayForOrlando has become the trending topic on Twitter and NewsCentral.PH listed down some of the comments from celebrities and ordinary individuals united in rejecting the “senseless and hateful” killings and offering prayers for the victims and to the families they left behind:

“The mass shooting at a club in Orlando is appalling and heartbreaking. I long for the day when the LGBT community no longer has to live in fear of discrimination and hate crimes.”

“50 dead,so senseless,so hateful. World needs more openness,more understanding, less dogma & intolerance.Praying for victims & their families.”

“Shocking, horrifying news last night. So tragic. God bless the souls of [the victims]”

“My heart is breaking right now for the victims and families of this heartless act. I just don’t get it.”

“Love is love and I choose love. #PrayForOrlando”
–Jamie Chung, actress

“My thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the horrific tragedy in Orlando.”
–James Harden

We mourn those that we lost today.
And we are inspired by how our community has banded together.

“I feel sick to my stomach as I continue to read the news.”
–Marissa Farina

Praying for anyone affected by this horrible tragedy…

“what’s a matter with people these day’s…..very disheartening news…..#prayforOrlando”

“No More Hate”

“Seeing and hearing all of the news of what happened in Orlando is so devastating my head hurts. What a terrible thing #PrayForOrlando”

what’s a matter with people these day’s…..very disheartening news…..#prayforOrlando

My heart just broke. Prayers, peace, and love. #PrayForHumanity #PrayForOrlando

The world is a scary place. #PrayForOrlando

Just remember that love is stronger than hate#PrayForOrlando #PrayForHumanity #LoveConquersHate #LoveNotHate #LoveIsLove

Disregard gender,race,religion,and sexual orientation.We are Americans first and foremost.We have been attacked as a nation.

Peace, love, and healing is what this world really needs.

“Nobody deserves to be killed just because of who they are. Prayers go out to the victims! ”
–John Saga

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