Scientist who discovered blood
types feted in Google doodle

June 14 2016 10:24 AM

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Karl Landsteiner, the scientist who discovered blood types and made an impact on health, was feted with a doodle by Google on what would have been his 148th birthday on Tuesday, June 14, as visitors to Google’s homepage will find out.

A click on the doodle showing a scientist and laboratory equipment depicting the blood types O, A, B, and AB will bring the user to a Search Results page for Landsteiner.

“You might not know the name Karl Landsteiner, but his discoveries have saved the lives of so many millions of us,” Google said in explaining the doodle.

It noted Landsteiner discovered the existence of blood types A, B, AB and O in 1901, and that people of the same types could receive transfusions from one another.

Because of this, Google said the first successful blood transfusion occurred in 1907. His work also led to advances in medicine, therapies, and surgery.

Google also noted Landsteiner and fellow scientist Erwin Popper were credited for work leading to the discovery of the polio virus.

“This was the first step towards developing a treatment for the disease which affected millions of children worldwide,” it said.

“On what would be his 148th birthday, we thank you, Karl Landsteiner, for helping us lead longer, healthier lives,” Google said.

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