‘Stargazer’ reveals predictions for 2017

December 29 2016 10:02 PM

Young Filipino racers would dominate the scene internationally, and martial arts will prevail. Boxers will also reap awards, according to popular psychic ‘Stargazer’ in her predictions for 2017 that she posted on her Facebook account.

In the local scene, she said, there would be “fish kills” and “massive drought and pestilence of crops.”

The psychic-cum-life-coach also predicted that a religious person would issue a “bold statement” which would be controversial.

Stargazer said she tries as much as possible to stay away from political predictions.

“It is quite disappointing to be barraged with insults by bashers on social media when our predictions are published. However, no one says anything when predictions come true,” she added.

However, she said there will be “more changes both good and bad” and there will be “instability.”

Stargazer also said there will be “factions arising in government” and an “unearthing of more hidden agenda” with “more truth surfacing.”

“A military/police officer in deep controversy might surface and be forced to reveal information,” she added.

The sudden passing away of a controversial politician, a veteran politician, as well as an attempt in the life of a female politician were also part of her predictions.

In the international scene, she foresees two Asian volcanoes erupting, and a sinkhole in a South American country.

“Japan may experience a big catastrophe. Vietnam may also be controversial, and a quake and volcano erupting in Indonesia,” predicted Stargazer.

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In local showbiz, she predicted the passing away of a broadcaster, an accident involving a young idol while on shoot, and a vehicular accident of a not-so-young actor.

On a lighter note, Stargazer, who hosts “Pinoy Vibes” at DZMM Teleradyo on Sundays, said there would be news of a “happy pregnancy” and an actor winning in an international film festival.

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