Trillanes warned of ethics case after ‘puppets’ remark

July 4 2017 10:16 AM

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV | Photo from
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV | Photo from

“Disrespectful” and  “unparliamentary” were how Senator   Joseph Victor  “JV” Ejercito   described  on Tuesday, July 4,   Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s  latest  remark  against  his  own  colleagues.

In a forum  on  Monday, July 3,   Trillanes  reportedly called   his colleagues “puppets” of   President  Rodrigo Duterte.

“I find the recent statements of Senator Trillanes disrespectful and unparliamentary. He should be reminded that as a democratic institution, we in the Senate debate issues instead of hurling insults; we vote instead of calling each other names when we disagree,” Ejercito, member of the Senate majority group, said in a statement.

 “We have 23 independent minds duly elected in the Senate. But even when we disagree on a number of issues, we maintain our respect for one another. I hope Senator Trillanes would do the same. I hope he will stop destroying this institution simply because he is rabidly against this administration,”  he said.

Ejercito  then  hinted  that  Trillanes, an opposition member,   could face   an ethics complaint  for  his actions.

“Maybe it is high time that we refer to the Senate ethics committee Sen. Trillanes’ actions since he is becoming damaging to the institution, and becoming destructive to the country,” Ejercito said.

The ethics committee is being headed by Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III.