Trillanes unfazed by possible ethics rap

July 4 2017 11:04 AM

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was unfazed  by  a colleague’s statement that he could  face  an ethics case  for calling  senators  puppets of the Duterte administration.

“I would welcome any ethics complaint filed against me in the Senate,” Trillanes said  in a statement.

The senator  was responding to Senator  Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito’s statement   that his actions should be referred to the Senate committee on ethics.

“But here’s the thing, if Sen. Ejercito believes that my statement that the Senate is becoming a lapdog of the Duterte administration is highly offensive yet sees nothing wrong with Duterte’s rape comments to the soldiers, then we really have a problem,”   Trillanes said.

Duterte  earlier  joked  about taking responsibility  for soldiers  who  would rape three women. The President has placed  the entire  Mindanao  under martial  law after   amid ongoing  armed conflict  between government troops and the terrorist  Maute  group.