Trump to combat human trafficking

February 24 2017 12:36 PM

US President Donald Trump | Photo from Donald Trump's Instagram
US President Donald Trump | Photo from Donald Trump’s Instagram

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday, ( Friday, February 24 in Manila) that full force of government- – to the federal and at the federal level, and the other highest levels will be enforced to end the horrific human trafficking problem.

Trump said human trafficking is a dire problem, both domestically and internationally, and its one big challenge. This problem is happening in the United States in addition to the rest of the world.

“Solving the human trafficking epidemic, which is what it is, is a priority for my administration. We’re going to help out a lot. “Solve” is a wonderful word, a beautiful word, but I can tell you, we’re going to help a lot.”, he said at the Domestic and International Human Trafficking session at Roosevelt room.

He added that it was really made possible to a large extent, more of a modern phenomenon, by what’s taking place on the Internet.

“I’ll direct the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies that have a role in preventing human trafficking to take a hard look at the resources and personnel that they’re currently devoting to this fight. Now, they are devoting a lot, but we’re going to be devoting more,” Trump  said.

He said the dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time.

“A lot of you have been dealing with the federal government and it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks — I can tell you that. I cannot thank each of you enough, and the dedicated men and women who run my staff and your staffs in getting everybody together was terrific. I was so glad I was able to be here, “ he said.

“You start with really a tremendous amount of energy and blood, sweat and tears. Government can be helpful, but without you, nothing would happen. So, again, I want to thank everybody in this room. It’s a very, very terrible problem. It’s not talked about enough. People don’t know enough about it. And we’re going to talk about it, and we’re going to bring it out into the open and hopefully we’re going to do a great deal to help prevent some of the horrific–really horrific–crimes that are taking place,” he added.