Use proper zip codes
PHLPost urges public

June 18 2016 8:16 AM

Image from Dan Petru
File image from Dan Petru

Use the proper zip codes. This was the reminder of the Philippine Postal Corp. to the public who still send letters and parcels via snail mail.

PHLPost also urged letter and parcel senders to observe the correct addressing of mail items and use the 80 grams per square meter (gsm) mailing envelope.

OIC Postmaster General Joel Otarra said this will allow the faster sorting of mail by machines the PHLPost uses.

“The use of correct Zip Code and 80 gsm mailing envelope are mandatory for all letters to be machinable. This will speed up letter sorting and reduce the incidence of missed sorting and/or misrouting of mails,” said Otarra.

PHLPost said zip codes should be part of the address and should be written legibly and placed correctly at the left side of the fourth or last line of the address.

“If you prefer to put the contact numbers of the addressee, please make sure that there are two spaces provided after the last line of his/her address. Also, mailing envelope should not be below 80 gsm,” it said.

While mail posted with envelopes below 80 gsm may be temporarily accepted, the sender has to use the required thickness of envelope in the next mailing.

The sender may also have to replace the envelope with the required thickness before the acceptance of the mail.

For now, PHLPost said postal areas are temporarily providing 80 gsm (or above) envelopes at the post office counters for sale.

Also, mailboxes will be withdrawn and letters shall pass through postal tellers for validation to check compliance with the standard addressing and paper requirements.

Letter senders can access the zip code directory at the PHLPost’s website, MC

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