Viber users on Android warned vs video,
photo-stealing malware in Google Play

June 29 2016 8:34 AM

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Users of chat app Viber on Android devices may have to think twice before visiting Google Play: an app there threatens to steal photos and videos on their accounts, according to a security vendor.

Symantec said the app dubbed the “Beaver Gang Counter” also evaded security measures by using a time-delay attack.

“Beaver Gang Counter masquerades as a score-keeping app for a popular card game but secretly searches for media files related to the Viber app and sends them to a remote server,” according to Symantec.

It said the app’s code would let it search directories Viber uses to store images and videos, then collects media and sends them to a remote server.

The data stolen by the malware could be used for identity theft, blackmail, fraud, or pornography, Symantec said.

Worse, the malware’s behavior can be controlled such that it can defeat the dynamic analysis of security vendors and Google Play’s Bouncer app-vetting service, Symantec warned.

Symantec dubbed the malware “Android.Vibleaker.”

“We alerted Google to this issue and in response they removed this app and developer from Google Play,” it added.

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