Foreign truck online firm
confident in PH market

February 23 2017 11:15 AM

Images by Nico Belasco

An official of a foreign truck online booking company has expressed confidence in eliminating port congestion in the Philippine market through the Terminal Appointment Booking System (TABS).

Michael Bouari, Chief Executive Officer, said 1-Stop Connections is an Information Communications Technology (ICT) solution provider that is connecting and automating the port community.

1-Stop Connections is the Australian-based system provider for TABS, a proactive alternative to counterproductive truck bans and benefits the entire port community by eliminating spontaneous truck arrivals so that drivers will be serviced more efficiently.

“I look forward to seeing the positive contribution that TABS will make for the Philippines economy,” said Bouari during launch of 1-Stop Connections at the Manila Peninsula in Makati City.

The 1-Stop will make time slot bookings with either Manila International Container Terminal or Asian Terminal Inc. for trucks to pick up or drop off containers at the port, and providing real time information to users on containers status.

Bouari has over 19 years of experience in Business to Business (B2B) technology solutions for the supply chain and freight & logistics industry.

His career started at the innovation giant 3M where he lead a number of eBusiness solutions in the 90’s, before joining Sun Microsystems in the UK working on a global B2B solution that required collaboration with organizations such as Samsung, Sony and Fedex to automate and streamline the supply of products to the end consumer.

The success of that project meant Michael was a sought-after B2B process automation expert working for P&O Nedloyd on port related technology projects in the Asia Pacific region before joining 1-Stop and was instrumental addressing supply chain complexities through developing 1-Stop’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the Port Community.

“Our solutions reach the wider sea-freight supply chain community and our customers include shipping lines, terminals, Port Authorities, Depots, freight forwarders, customs brokers, 3PLs, trucking companies, rail operators, importers and exporters,” said Bouari.

Bouari said that that what makes 1-Stop unique is our ability to drive immediate benefit to our customers by saving them time and money, unleashing additional capacity in their workforce, infrastructure investments through a more organised and predictable way of operating.

1-Stop’s solutions can be found to assist terminals that have varying degrees of technology, from non-automated to automated terminals with 1-Stop being the key solution that allows both automated & non-automated terminals to derive the most out of their investments.

It is internationally recognized in the way it improves productivity for the supply chain with solutions in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

‘The main part is taking congestion off the road. We’ve been operating since September 2015 and originally there was a truck ban in Manila in 2014. Once we heard of the truck ban, we put up our hands and offered how our solutions can help,” said Bouari, who added the company’s goal is simply to make life simple for everyone.