Lacson to Dela Rosa: Arrogant, defending the indefensible

May 1 2017 12:50 PM

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa should stop making excuses for the clear misdeeds of his policemen caught detaining suspected drug users in a secret cell in Manila, Senator Panfilo Lacson said.

“Chief PNP de la Rosa misses the point entirely,” Lacson, a former PNP chief, said in reaction to Dela Rosa’s statement that his policemen did not do anything wrong.

He said it was also “arrogant” for the PNP chief to be simply dismissing the acts of the Manila police.

“Defending policemen for maintaining an unlivable secret prison cell hidden behind a book shelf inside a police station is incomprehensible. It is also very arrogant,” he said.

“Ewan ko nga bakit ganun naging comment niya. Plain view pa lang, kahit wala nang magbigay ng salaysay, kita na natin na may violation of law. In short, he’s defending the indefensible,” Lacson added.

(I do not know why he commented that way. just a plain view, even without formal statement –we can sense that there’s violation of law…)

On Thursday, the Commission on Human Rights conducted a surprise inspection of the Manila Police District’s Station 1 in Tondo and saw 12 men and women detained in a small, dimly-lit room hidden behind a bookshelf.

The CHR said they received a tip that drug suspects were being detained in the concealed room without formal charges so that the police could extort money from them.

Several lawmakers have called for an investigation of the incident.