Alden Richards: Frugal to self
but generous to others

June 22 2016 12:57 AM

Alden from Eat Bulaga Kalye Serye Facebook page
Alden from Eat Bulaga Kalye Serye Facebook page

Believing that sharing is caring, heartthrob Alden Richards of local television’s AlDub phenomenon admits being frugal, spending for himself only after making sure that he has helped others.

The 24-year-old actor revealed that whenever he’s “on the verge of buying something big” he would think of how the money he would spend could help others.

“I always think that whenever I want to buy something this amount (that I am spending) could have fed someone, this amount could have sent someone to school, this amount could have cured someone sick. I always have that I mind. I always prioritize the ones who are in need,” said Richards, who is Richard Faulkerson, Jr. in real life.

He said he believes that Filipinos should “learn the essence of sharing” and “think of one another” to make the Philippines a better place.

“I want fans to learn the essence of sharing regardless of what they have. Sharing is caring. As long as we think of one another the Philippines would be a better place,” said Richards in an interview with on Tuesday, June 21 after a press briefing for Technomarine watch for which he is a brand ambassador.

Richards, half of the phenomenal ‘AlDub’ love team with Maine Mendoza in the “kalye serye” segment of GMA Network’s noontime show “Eat Bulaga,” said sharing is not only giving material things.

“Ang sharing hindi lang naman material things. You can share your time, and you can share your happiness to anyone,” he pointed out.

A much sought-after endorser, Richards has no qualms about imparting good values to his fans because he said he believes that being an actor is not just about money and fame.

“Being an actor is basically (meant) to inspire. The fame, the money comes second. That’s not the priority. It’s how you project yourself to other people, to be a good example,” said the ‘Kapuso’ star.

Along with his team, Richards reads Bible verses from a daily devotional book that he shares with fans on his social media accounts.

“We are using it to make them more aware of the things that’s happening, to be a better person and to help one another,” he said.

Richards, the family’s breadwinner, admitted that he rarely spends his money, and splurges only after he has already shared his blessings.

“If ever that I see people that I love happy, they’re secure, they’re good, happy na ako. I am very kuripot (stingy) not unless I have done something for charities, which I’d rather not mention, that’s the only time I spend,” said the actor who is co-starring with Mendoza on the film “Imagine You and Me” showing on July 13.

Aside from the ‘AlDub’ movie, he is excited about the Alden Richards book set for release next month. /cjs

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