Rodrigo Duterte supporters at war vs DJ Mo on Twitter

December 6 2015 3:11 PM

Image from @djmotwister, Mo Twister’s Instagram


Radio jock Mo Twister bashed supporters of presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte anew who accused him of not checking his facts when he reacted to Duterte’s alleged cursing of the Pope on his Twitter account on November 30.

To all the Dutertards, yes I’ve checked the facts and I’m still right. Now regarding your hate tweets, pinagjaxxxxxlan ko lang yan (I just jerk off on it). Hahahaha @djmotwister

wrote @djmotwister on his Twitter account on December 5.

The issue stemmed from DJ Mo Twister’s tweet after Duterte cursed the Pope for being caught on traffic for five hours on his proclamation rally on November 30.

Mo Twister, whose real name is Gohan Gumatay, was reacting to a tweet posted by ABS-CBN news reporter Ron Gagalac who said that Duterte “did not curse at Pope Francis but vented his ire at road closures during Pope’s visit.”\

Wow. Already denying he cursed out the Pope when everyone heard it. Perfectly politician. Go fxxx yourself @djmotwister

He later posted: “Ha! Same guy who lectured a bout “sensitivity when u speak” when a comedian said the hipon joke in Davao. Boolshet”

Mo Twister was referring to the incident where Ramon Bautista joked about the women of Davao as “hipon” a pejorative term, which referred to people who have nice bodies but ugly faces.

The Davao City Council proclaimed Bautista “persona non grata”. The resolution was posted on Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, son of the mayor.

The Davao Mayor later made peace after Bautista apologized and said the comedian was always welcome in Davao.

Kenneth Torres (@cjktorres) replied to the DJ’s post and clarified that it was Paolo who spoke against Bautista.

(When you react it’s as if you aren’t vulgar with words. It’s not too obvious that you are a supporter of Mar (Roxas).)

The DJ replied to Torres’ tweet with: “‪@ckjtorres Facts are straight. He lectured bout sensitivity AS I SAID. A screenshot w/ a quote. Now lick my balls.”

Five days after posting his first tweet against Duterte, Mo is still receiving a barrage of hate tweets from Duterte’s supporters.

@djmotwister pinagjaxxxan mo din cguro yung pinalaglag ng gf mo yung anak nyo.jaxxx ka nlng ur not man enough.50-50 ka lng…nyaaaaaaaahahah @knives_stampede

(Maybe you also jerked off on the child that your girlfriend aborted. Just jerk off cause you are not man enough. You are just 50-50.)

(Maybe it’s only on social media that you are arrogant?)

(You are vulgar.)

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