Suspect in Picache mom’s killing charged

October 21 2014 8:21 PM

Michael Flores, the suspect in the September 9 killing of the mother of actress Cherry Pie Pichache, has been charged with robbery with homicide.

In a five-page resolution, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said that there was reasonable ground to believe that Flores, a household help, robbed and killed Picache’s 75-year-old mother, Zenaida Sison.

The case was filed at the Quezon City regional trial court.

Flores has a pending case of qualified trespass to dwelling filed by a certain Lilibeth Lato at a Laguna court.

Flores had confessed to the killing of Sison inside her house in Quezon City on September 9.

In his four-page extra-judicial confession, Flores said he was Sison’s household help for six months. He said he took shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride before proceeding to Sison’s house at 3 am on September 9.

He said he forced his way into Sison’s house using a screwdriver that he took from a parked Toyota vehicle outside the house. Once inside, he ransacked her money and pieces of jewelry. However, Sison woke up and shouted for help.

“Nagsisigaw siya nang nakita niya ako sa loob ng kwarto niya. Doon ko na po siya inatake at napatay dahil nanlaban po siya,” Flores said.

He said that he used a piece of wood from the broken door, and a knife from the kitchen to kill Sison.

After killing her, he said that he went into another room and changed his shirt.

Contrary to his earlier statement, he said he was alone when he committed the crime.