File image by Rey S. Baniquet/PPD
File image by Rey S. Baniquet/PPD

1. On crime, corruption, and drugs
Campaign promise: Suppress crime, spread of drugs, corruption within 3 to 6 months after election into office.

  • Modernize crime-fighting strategies, like putting CCTVs in major thoroughfares*
  • Bring back the death penalty for drug trafficking, kidnapping, rape, robbery, homicide
  • Pass the Freedom of Information Act
  • Lift Bank Secrecy Law for public officials and pass Anti-Dummy Law*
  • Monitor front-line government offices using real-time video and audio surveillance*
  • Bring back special criminal courts to speed up resolution of serious crime cases *

2. On economic development
Campaign promise: Spread economic growth throughout the country and decongest Metro Manila.

  • Study the shift to a federal form of government that will ensure provincial development
  • Limit requirements for business permits to 5 signatures and impose a 30 to 60-day processing time
  • Maintain Conditional Cash Transfer program (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps) but with a livelihood component that will give loans to the poor for small and medium enterprises
  • Establish tourism, agricultural, and industrial hubs in the countryside to create jobs
  • Introduce P1 billion “small capital fund” for every region outside Metro Manila where farmers and other poor workers can borrow from to put up businesses

3. On agriculture and fisheries

  • Provide free irrigation and subsidized fertilizer and seeds for farmers
  • Reduce the cost of food by getting rid of unscrupulous middlemen and loan sharks
  • Build food terminals in the countryside with cold storage facilities
  • Build Mindanao Railway system

4. On Labor and Employment
Campaign promise: Improve labor conditions for Filipino workers.

  • No income tax for workers earning P20,000 and below
  • Phase out contractualization
  • Increase salaries of public workers like pollicemen and public school teachers

5. Transportation and Infrastructure
Campaign promise: Improve mobility of people and goods. (READ: Duterte reveals plan to solve Metro Manila transpo woes)

  • Add more carriages to train lines
  • Build fast train linking airports and seaports to Metro Manila
  • Develop Clark Airport and Batangas seaport to ease traffic congestion

6. On education

  • Build adequate classrooms, double classroom shifts

7. On health

  • Require all hospitals to have a facility for very poor patients with government paying for the health services using PhilHealth reserve funds, sin tax revenues, and Department of Health budget
  • Create specialized hospitals (heart, lung, kidney) in Visayas and Mindanao*

8. On disasters and climate change

  • Create a single, permanent Emergency Response Department in charge of disaster preparedness, relief, and rehabilitation.