Scenes from 2015: Technology

By Abbie Escarilla, Isabel Doria

In 2015, a Filipina from a remote island in Antique province earned her computer science degree, thanks to social media giant Facebook. In the same year, porn potal PornHub offered scholarships to deserving students. Mobile games became a venue for protests against corruption as in the “tanim-­bala” or bullet planting extortion scheme at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) while app­-based transportation services like Uber and GrabCar made it a little more bearable for commuters to weave through Metro Manila’s heavy traffic as they travel in comfort and style. These were just some of the technology stories that made their mark in 2015 and “touched” everyone with a tap on the keyboard or a swipe on the screen of a computer or mobile phone.

Screengrab from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook videoScreengrab from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook video

Initiative, determination, and Facebook earn Computer Science degree for Filipina

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Mac users be warned: Think before you click on ‘updated’ Safari browser

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Ready for a modular smartwatch?

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Need money for college? Porn site offers scholarship. Seriously

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Why Google will ‘do the right thing’

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Google pushes full disk encryption on Android devices

FULL STORYFile image from the official Android Twitter accountImage from the official Android Twitter account

Porn addicts beware: Android porn app holds your data ransom

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What does iPhone 6S have that iPhone 6 doesn’t?

FULL STORYImage from App Store's Facebook pageImage from App Store's Facebook page

iPhone, iPad, iPod owners be warned: ‘Jailbreak’ developed for newest iOS devices