Scenes from 2015: World

By Abbie Escarilla, Isabel Doria

It was the rise of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in 2015 as the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris where 12 journalists were killed in January and the simultaneous shootings in the same city that left 153 people dead in November were attributed to the Muslim extremist group. It was also a year when air transport was not the safest mode of travel after the crash of Malaysian MH 370 and Russian Kogalymavia Flight 9268 killed 239 and 224 passengers and crew respectively.

Image from Wikipedia Public DomainImage from Wikipedia Public Domain

Isis Attacks (Paris, Charlie Hebdo)

World leaders outraged, saddened over Paris attacks

153 killed in Paris attacks — officials

France releases photos of suspects in Charlie Hebdo attack

Charlie Hebdo paid high price for ‘poking fun at Islam’

Image from Catholic News Service’s Facebook PageImage from Catholic News Service’s Facebook Page

Pope Francis and the Catholic church

Pope opens ‘Holy Doors’ of St. Peter’s Basilica; Cardinal Tagle at Manila Cathedral

Pope Francis renews global call to end death penalty

Pope Francis sorry for Vatican ‘scandals’

File image from Wikimedia Commons / image from Wikimedia Commons /

Plane crash (Malaysia Airlines, 2 Russian plane, Sinai)

17 killed as Russian cargo plane crashes in South Sudan–report

Russian plane carrying 224 people crashes in Egypt — report

Plane debris found on Indian Ocean is from MH370–CNN

Image from Malcolm Conlan's Facebook accountImage from Malcolm Conlan's Facebook account

Issue of racism

British national blasts UK paper over racist articles on Filipinos