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Anti-dynasty law would correct evil in politics – Lacierda

July 29 2015 9:19 PM

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda asserted on Wednesday, July 29,  the need to pass an anti-dynasty law  “to correct the evil” which, he said,  exists in Philippine politics.

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda (Image from Official Gazette)
Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda (Image from Official Gazette)

“The evil perhaps overwhelms… The evil sought to be corrected is… The evil is present and we should correct that particular evil,” Lacierda said when asked why President Benigno Aquino III asked Congress to enact an anti-dynasty measure.

While he did not mention names, Lacierda was apparently alluding to Vice President Jejomar Binay who was once criticized in the same way by news anchor Korina Sanchez, wife of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas II, the presumptive standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party (LP).

Binay’s two daughters and a son are occupying different elective positions in government. Eldest daughter Nancy Binay is a senator, younger daughter Abigail Binay is a representative of Makati City in the House, while Jejomar Erwin is mayor of Makati City. At one point, his wife Elenita served as mayor of Abi Binay and VP Jejomar BinayMakati City.

Sanchez, repeatedly used the words “little dark evil spirit” when she was taking potshots at Binay in her defunct radio program “Rated Korina.”

Lacierda, who is a known ally of Roxas, said enacting an enabling law is the solution to “unli-power” (unlimited power), which has been supported by Binay.

“No one political family, no one politician should be allowed to stay forever in a position, in power,” said Lacierda.

“If we have that law everybody will be able to observe and there’s a certain sense that delicadeza is brought into public governance,” he added.

Junjun Binay and Jejomar BinayHe noted that several anti-dynasty bills are already pending in Congress and the executive would be keeping tabs on its development.
Binay, who ruled Makati City for more than two decades, has advocated the lifting of term limits for local officials. He said politicians should not be prevented from serving for as long as the people want them to.

In last Monday’s state of the nation address, President Aquino asked Congress to pass the anti-dynasty law to prevent the desire of politicians to cling to power.

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