BPO’s video ad angers Pinoy netizens

September 22 2014 3:24 PM

An advertising video of Aegis Global, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, has earned the ire of many Filipino netizens for its negative portrayal of the Philippines as an investment site while extolling the attributes of Malaysia, its present location.

The India-based Aegis Global expanded its business in the Philippines several years ago but had moved out after selling its operations in the country to Teleperformance USA, the global leader in outsourced multichannel customer experience management.

The Aegis-produced advertising video has been widely circulating online. It enumerated reasons why it is better to invest in Malaysia than in the Philippines.

While some netizens admitted that a lot still needs to be improved to make the Philippines enticing to foreign investors, many asked why the Philippines had to be singled out in a negative light in the three-minute video.

On Monday, September 22, the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia asked Aegis to explain why it released the video.

“The Embassy in a letter conveyed its deep concern about this matter, as it considers Malaysian companies as friendly and active partners in furthering bilateral and regional trade and investment,” it said in a statement.

The controversial video claimed that investing in the Philippines was a bad decision because it is vulnerable to natural disasters unlike Malaysia.

It also said investors should not invest in a country with inadequate infrastructure, an unfriendly business climate, less security and lacking in government support.

The embassy pointed out that the video has been pulled down by Aegis from its account. However, copies have already been posted in various video sharing websites.