Duterte hit by netizens
after viral video of rape joke

April 17 2016 4:34 PM

A viral video featuring former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s comment on the rape of an Australian woman in 1989 has irked netizens on Sunday, April 17.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by user Beatboxer ng Pinas, has gained 185,617 views and 1,747 dislikes as of posting time.

During a speech in a campaign sortie, Duterte seemed to be recalling the 1989 hostage-taking of Felipe Pugoy in a Davao City military compound, which resulted in the death of Australian lay minister Jacqueline Hamill.

Duterte said in Filipino, “They raped all the women. In the first assault, they retreated. They left behind the cover they made. One of them was the Australian lay minister.”

“The body was brought outside, then it was wrapped. I took a look at her face. S– of a b—–, she looked like a beautiful American actress. This one is so beautiful, what a waste. What came ito my mind was, they raped her, they lined up there. That was one. But [she] was so beautiful, the mayor should have gone first. What a waste,” he added.

Below is the clip of Duterte speaking to his supporters:

Here are some of the tweets on the day the video went viral:

Duterte also received the ire of Robin Haines Merrill, who is affiliated to Hamill in their missionary group in Australia.

Hamill wrote, “On behalf of my sister in Christ, missionary Jacqueline Hamill, I publically denounce the presidential candidacy of Duterte in the Philippines. Jacqueline’s death affected me deeply personally, as I had been visiting just about every jail in Manila with the ACTION/CGM teams from 1986-89. Don’t vote for people who speak vile things against women!” Meanwhile, Gabriela Women’s Party said on Twitter that the Davao City mayor must apologize for his statement.

“Rape […] is a criminal offense, a serious crime against humanity. It is no laughing matter. Duterte should know better and must apologize,” their statement read.

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