Duterte ‘sure’ of evidence vs de Lima,
wants her charged, jailed after probe

September 26 2016 7:57 PM

Images by Toto Lozano/PPD and Romy Bugante/PRIB Senado FB


President Rodrigo Duterte said he wanted charges to be filed against Senator Leila de Lima after the investigation into her alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade is finished.

“Yes, of course!” Duterte said on Monday, September 26, when asked about about De Lima facing imprisonment.

Duterte said he was “sure” of his evidence against the senator wih whom he had been at odds with since the de Lima who, as justice secretary, had sought the investigation of the former Davao City mayor and his alleged involvement in the Davao Death Squad.

Asked what charges he would file against her, Duterte said, “Plenty. Drugs. No bail.”

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre also said that De Lima would be facing charges on drugs and violations of the Revised Penal Code if a strong case would be built against her.

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Duterte also stood pat on allegations that De Lima received drug money through her driver and alleged lover, Ronnie Dayan, who collected funds for her senatorial campaign.

“You Filipinos, you elected a senator invovled in narco-politics being financed by convicts from the inside. She opened the portals of narcopolitics to take hold in the national level,” he said.

Duterte also hurled more insults at the lady senator during his speech in Malacanang.

“She screwed her driver and screwed the nation,” Duterte said.

“The next time she’s in prison, there will be no worries about liaisons. She will have about how many lovers as she wants,” he added.

Duterte also recalled the time he told de Lima to commit suicide since her worth as a woman has been corrupted.

“When I told her, ‘de Lima, hang yourself,’ that’s when I got hold of all the evidence. You’re not even ashamed of yourself,” he said.

“Any other woman would have slashed her throat. You must think you’re an actress in an X-rated movie, after filming you come out smiling, you b—-,” he added.

De Lima has been the subject of several testimonies during an inquiry by the House of Representatives into illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City.

The House inquiry will resume on October 5.

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