New Apple patent lets you
use iPhone as a car key

June 26 2016 10:02 AM

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Soon, you can use your iPhone as a car key, thanks to a new patent granted to Apple.

The patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office described an advanced vehicle access and control system, Patently Apple reported.

“Apple had invented a future iPhone system that would be able to open your car door, start your engine, shut off your engine for specific time frames, be able to program complete personalized car settings and much, much more. The feature set described in this invention went far beyond anything that could have been conceived working with CarPlay,” it said.

Patent No. 9,351,102 focuses on the wireless communication between a computing device and a vehicle.

But the system will not let a vehicle’s engine start without access credentials from the iDevice. The iDevice can also set how long the vehicle can operate.

Temporary keys

A separate report on 9to5mac said the system can also authorize secondary devices, in effect generating a temporary key such as for lending the car to a friend.

The vehicle’s owner can use the iDevice to limit what vehicle-related operations are accessible to the one borrowing the vehicle and holding a secondary iDevice.

“Conceivably, you’d be able to tell your friend that they can borrow the car for a couple of hours, or your kids that they can use it in the day but not at night – and only within the speed limit!” it said. (MC)

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