AFP to netizens: Stop sharing
Maute videos of ‘hate, war’

June 7 2017 6:13 PM



The military is appealing to netizens to stop sharing the propaganda videos of the Maute Group, which may ignite a religious war and foster hate among Muslims and Christians, an official said on Wednesday, June 7.

Brigadier General Restituto Padilla, armed forces spokesman, was reacting to the circulating video of terrorists destroying a church in Marawi City.

“May I appeal to our social media users and our netizens. There are videos circulating around regarding certain — the armed elements destroying a church,” Padilla said in a Palace briefing.

Padilla said the video would only “fan hatred” between Muslims and Christians.

“We have requested that this be pulled out because it may fan hatred, it may fan hate and it is intended by these militants to induce other Christian elements to fight against these armed elements or to sow hatred among Christians and Muslims,” he said.

“Please do not spread this. Let us not buy into the plan of these terror groups to inflame the feelings of our other religions. This is not a religious war, this is a terror attack on the city of Marawi and we must be clear about it,” he said.

Members of the media, he said, should instead “highlight more” the brotherhood between Muslims and Christians.

“Right before us, in the last few days were clear examples of compassion, of help between Christians and Muslims, of assistance coming from all sectors. And we are very happy that these are coming out to debunk all these claims and attempts to make this a religious war,” he said.

He said “many of our Muslim brothers are helping their Christian friends and many Christian friends are now helping their Muslim brothers in the same way that all these help have been coming along.”

“These are the good stories and may we request the media to highlight more of these in order to prevent the attempts of this terrorist group to make this a religious war of sort which is not,” he said.

The AFP, Padilla said, was “determined to continue on with its current operations” to “hopefully liberate Marawi at the soonest time possible.”