German fiance of murdered Filipino transgender earns respect of netizens

October 16 2014 8:49 PM

Marc Sueselbeck and Jennifer Laude photo from Facebook
Marc Sueselbeck and Jennifer Laude (photo from Facebook)

Marc Sueselbeck, the German fiance of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, earned the respect of Filipino netizens after he defended the murdered transgender woman from detractors.

Laude was found dead in a lodge in Olongapo last October 11. Witnesses said the victim was seen with Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton before she was brutally killed.

A murder complaint had been filed against Pemberton, who is in the country for joint military exercises.

Sueselbeck, interviewed via Skype by a local television host, said Laude was also a victim of discrimination because she was a transgender. He denied that Laude was a prostitute.

“I know her long enough to say that and everyone who knows her can confirm that,” he said.

Sueselbeck, who met Laude on social media, demanded justice for his fiancee.

During his emotional interview, he said he trusted Laude and was disappointed with the Philippine government because it was unable to solve poverty and provide for jobs that are not discriminatory.

He said Laude did not deserve to be murdered.

After the interview was aired on October 15, netizens expressed support for Sueselbeck.

“Buti pa ang ibang lahi nagmamahal at nakakaintindi. Sana makamit mo ang katarungan Jennifer,” said one Twitter user.

Another said, “I am 100 percent offering my support and believing (in) the testimony of Jennifer Laude’s German fiance. This guy is very true!”

“Just read the comments on the letter of Jennifer Laude’s fiancé from Yahoo news. This just proves how small-minded Filipinos are ,” a user named Maj said.