Let’s drink to that: Google doodle celebrates ‘water on Mars’

September 29 2015 12:26 PM

Google MarsLet’s drink to that.

This was how Google welcomed on Tuesday, September 29, the news of a National Aeronautics Space Administration (Nasa) finding of evidence of water in Mars.

Google posted on its home page an animated doodle of a happy Martian getting a sip of water from a glass (www.google.com).

It said that the discovery “stirred us like a long, cool drink in the blistering heat.”

Google referred to the discovery of evidence of liquid water in a crater during Martian summers on Mars.

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(pic from go.nasa.gov)
(photo from go.nasa.gov)

While the water is believed to be briny, such a discovery “has tremendous implications in the search for life beyond our planet,” Google said.

“We felt compelled to honor such an exciting discovery with a Doodle, and thinking about water and Mars for that long made us really, really thirsty,” it added

As with past doodles, clicking on the doodle will take visitors to a Search Results page for Nasa scientists finding evidence of flowing water on Mars.

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