Will you go to your
‘school-sponsored event’?

April 4 2016 4:58 PM

Image from Coñyohan Sa Starbucks Vito Cruz Facebook event page
Image from Coñyohan Sa Starbucks Vito Cruz Facebook event page

After “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware”, more “events” have been posted on Facebook this time for university students.

Below are some gathered by NewsCentral.PH:

· Bagsakan ng Grades @LPU-Cavite, Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite, April 12, 8 a.m.

Kapit lang Lyceans!

Interested: 577
Going: 308
Invited: 71

· Conyohan sa Starbucks Vito Cruz, April 15, 5 p.m. to April 16, 9 p.m.

-You make kwento here.
-Happy T tayo bro.
-Deins bro Starbs is life
-Ill just make my kuya driver ikot around to park the car

Interested: 5.2k
Going: 1.8k
Invited: 1k

· Singhutan sa Estero de Balete, CS Walkway, Adamson University, April 15, 5 p.m.


Tara singhutin natin ang amoy ng Estero upang mabawasan ang lumbay at stress dulot ng pag-aaral, singko na grade o breakup. Pwedeng kumain mismo sa Falcon Bridge habang nilalanghap ang amoy. Open sa lahat ng klasmeyts.

Chill lang tayo mga klasmeyts. Peace.

Interested: 1k
Going: 428
Invited: 128

· High horsing sa Bellarmine Field, Ateneo de Manila University, April 20, 4.20 p.m.


ano sinabi mo to me, pare? I’ll have you know I like, graduated Magna Cum Laude in Ateneo de Manila, and I’ve been like, invloved in many outreach projects among the poor. And I have raised, like, Php 300,00 for them. I am like, trained to be a man for others and the top sipsep to the Jesuit heads of the School. Pare you are like wala to me but a public school graduate. I will like, bura you from the earth pare with my Ateneo education the kind of like yung di mi pa nakikita on earth pare, you know? Kala mo you can like escape with making sabe that in the internet? Ha! While tayo were speaking pre I am like texting my network of rich connections and friends across RP tapos your IP is like being traced,pare, so prepare to be liked sued, pare. Patay ka chong, like you’re dead and whatever kasi I cam be like anywhere everytime, and I can like ask my dad make bayad people to sue you in different ways, just with cash money. Hindi lang ako just Magna Cum Laude but I have like access to my parent’s bank account and I can like make gamit of it to pay people against you, gagi. If you can like know how much I can like make ganti to your clever comment, maybe you’d be tahimik and all. Pero hindi, you didn’t, and now you’re parang like screwed pare kasi you’re like, stupid, you know? You’re so dead, pare, you know?

Interested: 810
Going: 247
Invited: 185

· Magpaplantsa ng Damit sa UST Grand Stand Open Field, University of Santo Tomas, April 16, 1 p.m.


Bring your own plantsa and iron board

Interested: 6.8k
Going: 2.9k
Invited: 1.4k

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