US Supreme Court allows partial
imposition of travel ban — report

June 27 2017 8:21 PM

US President Donald Trump | Photo from Donald Trump's Instagram
US President Donald Trump | Photo from Donald Trump’s Instagram

The US Supreme Court handed President Donald Trump a win when it overruled a ruling by two lower courts that stopped the imposition of a travel ban against six countries, according to a report on CNN on Monday, local time.

The decision, however, was not a complete one as the High Court decided to hear the full case in October.

In the meantime, the Supreme Court ruled that some foreign nationals from the six states included in a second executive order Trump had issued  could be kept from entering the US.

The second executive order on March 6 took the number of affected countries to six (Iraq was excluded from the 2nd ban) but was immediately stopped by a lawsuit in Hawaii. Trump went on to lose a series of appeals in court.

Before this, Trump issued a first executive order on January 27 that banned people from seven countries, including Iraq.

Within 24 hours of the first EO being signed, judges in several states blocked the so-called “travel ban” from going into effect.

The Supreme Court, however, thinks otherwise:

“In practical terms, this means that §2(c) may not be enforced against foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States. All other foreign nationals are subject to the provisions of EO–2.”

“All other foreign nationals are subject to the provisions of [Executive Order]–2,” it said.

A CBS News poll conducted in late April showed that 53 percent opposed “temporarily preventing people entering the US from some majority Muslim countries.” But, among self-identified Republicans almost three in four (72 percent) supported the ban.

“Today’s unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security,” Trump said in a statement Monday afternoon.

“It allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective,” he said.