James MacKay Foundation Inc.
to mark Valentine with ‘Dare to Care’

January 30 2017 3:41 PM

Celebrate love and create a meaningful Valentine as James MacKay Foundation Inc. fill the love month with nothing more than the most delightful and lovely gifts for all couples and families to share.

Transforming lives of the disabled, less fortunate and giving them hope. Since people who take their own fate into their own hands have stronger position in life, the James MacKay Foundation Inc aims to support socially disadvantaged people anywhere in the world to encourage and increase self – reliance.

We support projects that allow groups of the disadvantaged people to support themselves now and in the future (or to improve the conditions for such self-reliance). The projects we support are aimed at cooperation, for example in a cooperative context, and we also support innovative projects that give people the opportunity to improve their prospects and living conditions by practical means.

Have a great escape and appreciate moments together with an experience of a lifetime. We have a unique experience that immerse participants into environments where their everyday senses are removed. We will have guides and trainers, who are blind or deaf, facilitate programs and activities in the dark or silence respectively, creating fun and insightful experiences for all participants.

This year we are starting with the Valentine’s season of love titled “Blind Date”. Sharing the love with filipinos and communities that are free to have a choice to support. As our tag line ‘DARE TO CARE’. We dare everyone to support and care about our fellow humans to live a normal life by joining this type of fundraising.

Our beneficiary for these events are for The Philippine National School of the Blind and our Schools in the provinces we are building for the disabled children and families.

Dine a delightful dinner and receive a special experience at P1,000 per person. Let your hearts soar in the heart of Makati City and celebrate the lovely day with the lovely partner at The City Club Alphaland.

Celebrate love and create a meaningful Valentine with the a partner with James MacKay Foundation Inc. Contact (632) 801 6005 or book online via www.jamesmackayfoundationinc.com or email: admin@jamesmackayfoundationinc.com. Visit facebook.com/jamesmackayfoundationinc or follow @jamesmackayfoundationinc on Twitter or Instagram.

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